In the past we have worked with the following institutions:

  • Germany's INWENT (Training)
  • CORATEC (Women's production, marketing, and rural micro-finance)
  • AGROPACA (Association of producers)
  • Belgium's PARTENAIRE
  • IEDECA (An NGO working in the region)
  • The Belgian Embassy (Technical cooperation)
  • German Development Service DED
  • School of Agricultural Engineering Development UPS
  • Various regional municipalities and local councils. 

COAGRO maintains working relations with these institutions:

  • AMS Germany
  • Oberle Foundation

We also maintain relationships with farmers and different communities to exchange experiences.


Some agreements signed with COAGRO include:


  • The Department of Economic and Social Inclusion signed an agreement for the training of young people in community leadership and creation of micro businesses.


  • In 1998 an agreement was signed in compensatory education and gender with CTB corporation.


  • The Department of Agriculture signed several agreements to develop social infrastructure activities. Additionally, an agreement was signed regarding training and cultural revitalization of seeds and agricultural inputs.


  • The NGO PARTERNAIRE (Belgium) established the formation of the Alliance of Pedro Moncayo, a project which began in 2006 and ended in 2010.


  • CEPESIU signed agreements to support the SPIs.


  • German Embassy.


  • And others such as AMS, ETM, Oberle and Agil Fund.