Support of Agriculture and Livestock


COAGRO works to support agriculture and livestock production by:


  •  Promotion of organic agriculture and food quality by assisting women in the creation of garden plots to grow vegetables to feed their families and for an extra source of income.
  • Supporting the commercialisation of rural products such as vegetables, fruits and milk.

  • Providing expertise from a professional agronomist to aid women in the production of organic vegetables and to improve the quality and productivity of their pastures.

  • Organising workshops in the communities on topics like: agro-ecology, composting, women's rights, and accountability.

  • Implementing irrigation systems, by the construction of water reservoirs and the installation of water tanks.

  • Genetic improvement of animals such as guinea pigs, chickens and cows.

  • Development of native forest species to form an enclosure around the pastures, protecting these against wind and animals and creating shadow for the cows.