Practical Information

Schedule: All volunteers have the same schedule: Monday to Thursday from 9:00 to 17:00 with a one-hour lunch break. Occasionally, this schedule is modified due to the requirements of the activity, especially in agricultural work and milk production. 


Accommodation: Volunteers will have their own single room with a host family in the community of San Pablito de Aqualongo. The rent is $100/month. 


Administration Costs:  There is a small monthly cost for volunteers that covers administration costs and supports the organization.


Transportation: COAGRO does not pay for the transportation expenses of the volunteer to get to our location. However, we will pick him/her up at a designated location for a fee. Please contact us for help to arrive here or if you are interested in being picked up at a designated location.


Food: Volunteers can take care of their own food or cooperate with their host family. If the volunteer chooses to eat with the host family, the cost is USD $2.50 per meal and is paid monthly.


Visa: COAGRO may help volunteers with their visas.


General Requirements:  The volunteer must be at least 21 years of age when he/she arrives, have a basic level of Spanish, and make a commitment of at least one month. Other requirements will vary depending on the project he/she will be involved with.


If you are interested in being a COAGRO volunteer, please send us your CV and a one page (maximum) letter (in Spanish) about yourself and why you want to participate in our volunteer program.