Every year, COAGRO hosts volunteers from various countries to support us in our work in the Pedro Moncayo canton, located in the Pichincha province of Ecuador. We always need volunteers to support us in various projects in several communities of the Pichincha province, while we sometimes also work in the Imbabura province. Volunteers bring their skills and knowledge to the community and have the opportunity to be involved in the daily life of our communities.

As for the requirements, it depends on the project and is stated below. Volunteers must be 21 years old when they begin volunteering, have a basic level of Spanish, and make a commitment of at least 1 month.

Below are the projects where volunteers can participate:


  •     Agricultural Project: Volunteers live and work on a farm with a family in the community of San Pablito de Agualongo or another nearby community. Their daily activities include supporting a traditional Andean Ecuadorian farm with different daily chores in the field. This project requires a volunteer with basic agricultural knowledge and the motivation to learn more about agriculture in Ecuador.


  •    Nutrition and Family Garden Project: Volunteers live with a family in San Pablito de Agualongo or another nearby community and work in the community to organize a demonstration garden for the community members. If possible, the volunteer will also work with the community to identify the nutritional needs of its community members. This project requires a volunteer with experience in nutrition, agriculture, project management, and other related fields.


  •     Livestock and Milk Production Project: Volunteers live and work with a family dedicated to milk production in the community of San Pablito de Agualongo or another nearby community. Their daily activities consist of milking, maintenance and monitoring of the pasture, and animal nutrition and health. This project requires a person with basic livestock knowledge and the motivation to learn more about milk production and related subjects in Ecuador.
  •    Grant Writing Project: Volunteers live with a family in the community of San Pablito de Agualongo or another nearby community. Their daily activities include working in the office with grant writing and reviewing in addition to searching for additional funding opportunities for COAGRO. This project requires a basic knowledge of grant writing.
  •     Development of Local Economy Project: Volunteers live with a family in the community of San Pablito de Agualongo or another nearby community and work at COAGRO offices and with various micro-finance organizations associated with COAGRO in the provinces of Pichincha and Imbabura. Volunteer activities consist of visiting, supporting, and monitoring the community micro-finance organizations. Furthermore, the volunteer will also help to improve the organization and management of the organizations. This project requires a volunteer with knowledge of finance, economics, accounting, or another related field.
  •     Technical Assistance Project: Volunteers live with a family in the community of San Pablito de Agualongo or another nearby community and work in the same community, COAGRO offices and other nearby communities. Volunteers assist in technical activities related to agriculture, livestock, micro-finance organizations, and cooperatives. This project requires a technical profile such as a veterinarian, sociologist, economist, financial analyst, accounting, agronomist, etc.
  •     English as a Second Language Teacher: The volunteer lives with a family in the community of San Pablito de Agualongo, near Cayambe and Tabacundo about an hour outside of Quito. Their daily activities include assisting a teacher in the classroom of children, ages 12-18, to teach English, part time. Additionally, the volunteer has the opportunity to teach English to other members of the community, and/or on other COAGRO community projects.


About volunteering

Schedule: All volunteers have the same schedule: Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00 with a lunch break. Occasionally, this schedule is modified due to the requirements of the activity, especially in agricultural work and milk production.

Accommodation: Volunteers will have their own single room with a family in the community of San Pablito de Agualongo or a nearby community. 


Administration Costs: To host a volunteer, COAGRO has small administration costs that include an office, internet, telephone, transportation, a kitchen, office materials, and a small library of resources. 

Transportation: COAGRO doesn't pay for the transportation expenses of the volunteer to get to our community. However, we will pick him/her up at a designated location for a fee. Please contact us for help to arrive here or if you are interested in being picked up at a designated location.

Food: This issue is optional. Volunteers can take care of their own food or cooperate with the host family. If the volunteer chooses to eat with the host family, the cost is $2 per meal and is paid weekly.

Visa: COAGRO may help volunteers with their visas.

Further informations

Here are some graphs regarding the volunteers we have hosted in the previous year.




For further information on volunteering opportunities please contact us and send us your CV and a letter (in Spanish and no more than one pageexplaining a little bit about yourself and why you want to participate in our volunteer program in Ecuador.  We will answer you as soon as possible and we may schedule a time to chat in Skype about your strengths and our opportunities. Thanks for your interest in our volunteer programs.

Tourism in the area 

On the weekends, volunteers can explore what the country and region have to offer. The community of San Pablito is located in the Andean region of Ecuador with a lot of hiking opportunities nearby. Some places you can visit include: 

 • Otavalo: located 20 minutes north of San Pablito. The city offers a famous market, "Plaza de los Ponchos", which functions every day in Otavalo's center. It is one of Ecuador's most popular destinations. You can buy many artisenal goods there. You can also check out the Waterfalls of Peguche, just 3km outside of Otavalo. 



Otavalo's market



 • Quito is located just one hour south of San Pablito. It's a great place to visit because of the city's historical center, museums, parks and nearby mountain (Ruku Pichincha) reachable via cable car. With Quito's close proximity, it is well worth the visit. 

• "La Mitad del Mundo" (Middle of the World) is just outside Quito. Being at 00"00"00", this location has many attractions like putting one foot in the northern hemisphere, and the other in the southern hemisphere. A great place for photos!


The lake of Cuicocha

• Ecuador and the Andean region are full of lakes and lagoons, which allow for great views and fabulous landscapes. Some examples of the area include: Mojanda Lagoon, Cuicocha Lagoon, Yahuarcocha Lake and San Pablo Lake.

• The "Condor Park" is another local tourist destination. There, you can observe different bird species from across the country - including the great condor, a legendary figure of the Andean Mountains. 


• The small town of Mindo, located in Pichincha's cloud forest (just two hours west of Quito), is not too far to visit. Not only will it surprise you by its lush and luxuriant vegetation, but also because of its waterfalls and thermal waters. 


• There is also: Cochasqui ruins, the cities of Tabacundo and Cayambe, and the Cayambe volcano etc. There are many tourism opportunities in the region. Of course, our volunteers travel through the whole country, because Ecuador is full of marvellous places and incredible views. In eastern Ecuador, you can adventure in the Amazon forest. In the mountains, also known as the "Sierra", you can go hiking along the region's numerous volcanoes - among the highest and most active in the world. And finally, if you're looking to relax, head to the coast in western Ecuador and enjoy some cocktails under the sun. Don't forget the possibility of exploring the Galapagos Islands for an incredible trip! With so many things to do, you will have to get ready each weekend to discover and enjoy the riches of the country!